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Stan Becton | | May 5, 2022

These are the best uniforms in track and field, according to you

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NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders once said "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good," and while Sanders played football and you can't play track, you can still look good running around the oval or participating in a field event. Drip — that means cool and fashionable clothing for those who may not know — can be found everywhere, especially in track and field.

Some people may think that all track and field uniforms look the same, but that does a disservice to the great and iconic uniforms featured at programs around the country. There's great detail behind many of the outfits worn at meets around the country.

That's why we asked you what teams you thought had the best drip in track and field. We looked at the responses and here are some of the best uniforms in track and field.

Top Picks


No list of great track and field uniforms could be right without featuring Oregon. The Ducks have what seems to be an endless combination of uniforms, rarely missing when it comes to what they wear on the track.

A favorite has to be the black top. The details on it are marvelous, showcasing silhouettes.

Oregon was one of the more popular responses to the tweet, as athletes who didn't even attend Oregon had to admit where they saw drip in Eugene. Take a look at some of the eye-catching combinations below.

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The Bayou Bengals have a fantastic color combo in purple and gold. Any of LSU's combinations or solid color uniforms are top tier. Yet, the black uniforms are special, thanks to how the tiger print pops off the clothes.

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Kansas' pink and powder blue look is one of the best color combinations in track and field. The two light colors play perfectly off each other, no matter if it's a modern jersey or a throwback one.


Baylor has a lot of good uniforms, but the white top takes the cake. The ferocious bear in green pops off the shirt, and the white allows for plenty of accessory options.

Eastern Michigan

Eastern Michigan deserves recognition for its gradient look. The transition from yellow to green is amazing, and goes right into the green bottoms.


Omaha's white top with the red bull pops off the screen. Regardless of what bottoms you put with it, it is sure to get your attention.

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It's all in the details with these uniforms. Check out below.

Ohio State

Ohio State's known as the Buckeyes, and these all-black fits subtly show that. If you look closely, you'll see buckeye leafs forming the background of the uniform.


The city of Chicago has a beautiful skyline. UIC showcases its home city on its uniform with a white outline of Chicago's skyscrapers on a baby blue background with the nickname, Flames, written in cursive.


Northern Arizona is located in Arizona's mountainous range, and you'll be able to tell from the details on its uniforms. For one, the middle of the A features a mountain. Then the top transitions from gold to blue, with the mountains creating a dividing line. A seamless transition.

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Iconic colors

A few schools have iconic colors that let everyone know what school it is from the color of the uniform alone. Whether it's the oranges of Tennessee or Texas to the shade of Kentucky blue that got quoted in a Drake song, solid color combinations are iconic. Don't forget Tulane's baby blue uniforms either. 

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These uniforms use their school's history for a classic look. Check them out.


Indiana's IU logo mixed with the blended red and white stripes creates a classic look.


Maryland's uniforms pay homage to the state flag, with the flag placed around the neck trim. It really pops on the all-black edition.


Miami's white uniforms feature the Ibis logo. A classic look for the Hurricanes. 


This one might not count as uniforms, but it's a great video nonetheless. It's impressive that one can own this many track and field shirts. 

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